New Yamaha rider!!

Greetings and Salutations, all.

I am the proud (and broke:busted: ) owner of a new 07 YZ450F. I switched from a 05 Honda CRF450X. I've just taken my new YZ for it's break-in run and what a difference!! Much lighter, not top heavy, better ergonomics (narrower) and a wider powerband. Also, the YZ has MUCH better suspension for MX than the Honda did. The difference is like night and day (the YZ is day, of course).

I've looked in the sticky that greyracer put up in the forum, and haven't seen any real issues with the 07 YZ's, which is a good thing. I can't wait to ride this bike in a few races this year and see how I do.:thumbsup:

Welcome to the crew :ride: and i hope you enjoy your newfound love haha :applause::thumbsup:

Welcome to the Yamaha family. To be fair, you cant really compare the suspension of the CRF to that of the YZ for MX. The CRF450X is a trail bike, the YZ 450F is a motocross bike.

It would be a much fairer to compare the CRF450X to a WR 450.

Welcome to the blue, vintage yellow and white side.

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