electrical prob.

okay. I have a 2002 wr 426. had a rod break on me a few weeks ago. :bonk: tore the whole bike apart and re built the motor bottom to top. we made sure we took the time to get all specs, tolerances, and everything right as we went along. put the motor in today and hooked everything up on the bike to the point of firing her up. no fire.:banghead: checked to see if it was a fuel problem. all good. fuel on the plug and all. checked the plug wire. no spark. had my buddy watch the head light as i kicked it over and it would light up. went through and double checked all the electrical connections to make sure we didnt miss anything. still no spark.:excuseme: am I missing something obvious?

wow, no help? was told this was the pot of info at the end of the rainbow. ow well. guess i take it to the stealership.

Have you checked the coil..... use the manual and a multimeter.


What electrical connections had to be removed when you removed the engine?

A new spark plug ?? My '02 426 had the CDI box die on it. Installed a Vortex X-10 and all was well again, $450 later:thumbsdn: . Not a pot, just a cup of info. WR Dave

guess the strealership said its the stator. thats the last thng i thought it would be. they wanted 260. plus labor.

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