Numb Thumb

Every time I ride I come back with a numb right thumb. The longer I ride the worse it is. It takes hours for full feeling to come back. I have tried different gloves with no effect. Any words of wisdom out there?

Dont know the cause, but I can tell you that the best thing I ever did for my wrist was put on one of those copper bands with magnets. (Sabona makes them). I have been virtually pain free since I went to this. Thought it was all hype at first, but it is the best thing I have done to relieve the pain. I wear it constantly and it has never felt better. There are inexpensive and maybe worth a try. I assume that wearing on the writst will bring the magic power up to the thumb.


Hey Mike,

I always wondered what they were for.. :)

Magnets hey, well, there is some logic. We live in a magnetic field that is constant (if it were not mconstant the world would fall apart). Thus, having magnets that oppose the Efield relative to the body may have some effect on blood flow and the bodies abilioty to regenerate after injury.. just a thought.


Chupacapra..What does that mean? Anyway this happens to me if i don't pay attention and I get tired and ride sloppy. My elbows start to fall and I angle my right wrist in holding the bar with just the very inside of my hand near my index finger and it pinches a nerve and causes my thumb to go numb. If I relax and get my arms back up and grip the bar with my hand and don't try and pinch it like a Maine lobster I have no problems. Hope this helps you. Softer grips also helped quite a bit.


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Isn't Chupacapra that fairy tale creature from Mexico? X-Files did an episode on it.

Chupacapra is supposed to be some nasty creature that kills goats... I think the name literally means goat sucker.

The hand is divided into three "nerve zones", for lack of the true scientific term. Imagine the hand divided lengthwise between the thumb and first finger, and divided again between the 2nd and 3rd (or is it the 3rd and 4th?). If your thumb if falling asleep you must be putting pressure on the nerves leading to that area.

I used to have problems with my pinky and side-of-hand falling asleep while on long bicycle rides. I moved my handlebars a bit and conciously held my elbows a bit different. It seemed to work.

this is a fairly common complaint associated with a slipping grip. most people will also complain of pain on the top of the forearm just in front of the elbow. you might check to see if your grip is rotating on the throttle tube.

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