Stainless or Titanium Valves , 2000 or 2001 426??


I've got yzf 426, seller said that it is 2001 but I'm not sure. There are marks on the parts and some parts have 00 and some 01.

For me doesn''t metter wich year it is but for my valve adjustment it is necessery.

How to check if it is 00 or 01 ?

The VIN number is the best way. The tenth digit or character in the VIN number is the year model. The 2000 model year was designated by a "Y", 1998 and 1999 were W and X. Beginning with the number "1" in 2001, the alpha characters were replaced by numerals, so a 2000 would be a Y, an '01 would be a 1, and an '02 would be a 3.

The numbers on the parts do not indicate the year model of the bike in any meaningful way.

Externally, I'm not sure of a good way to tell the bikes apart. The biggest internal difference is in the counter balancer drive gear; the 2000 model uses a square key to drive this gear, while the later models use splines.

As far as your valves go, if you never found out whether they were SS or Ti, you could still just set the exhausts as close to .25mm as possible and be OK. Shims for the Honda CRF450 are available in smaller incremental sizes than the Yamaha shims, so you can be very precise.

so does this mean you can use crf450 shims on the yz426??

so does this mean you can use crf450 shims on the yz426??

yes, most 450s use the same size

All the Japanese 4-strokes use either a 7.48mm diameter shim (250F's) or 9.48mm shim (450's). They are quite interchangeable between all models using the same series of shim.

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