I wouldnt even give these guys the satisfaction of a response.

If you notice, he was saying everything he could to get a brew-ha-ha started. nono.gif

That's OUTRAGEOUS, Or could it be he's just having some fun?? I'm just glad I got the Scotts 5MM offset clamps to stop the push, had the suspension revalved, and did engine mods to smooth out the power. Now I just need him to load my big heavy bike for me.

[ February 25, 2002: Message edited by: YZ400Court ]

Dammit- they killed that post- boy was it fun to read while it lasted :)

Blue v Red

It Looks like TT Admin is issuing some Pants Down Spankings after the antics of the last four day's.

Glad to see it....

Bonzai :)

Im glad to see it wiped off too.

Lets keep this site professional. :)

As snoop dog would say it "Word to your motha"

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