Aussie Special complete

My goal was to make a dual purpose bike as similar to the old Aussie xr600r as possible. I wanted to stay with Honda lights and use an AC system. I used the ProCycle harness and handlebar switch, very easy installation for around $200. I got the turn signals from eBay. Using a rear rack was the best way for me to mount the Honda turn signals. I do not have high/low beam, but I can live without that as I do little riding at night. It has a Staintune muffler, stock headers, FCR 41 carb, xl tail light. I'm running a size 42 pilot jet that gives me 3% CO exhaust at idle. Tires are Maxxis 6006.





NICE, VERY, VERY NICE! :thumbsup: Real CLEAN too !!

That's my favorite color combo for the white Honda's although I like mine a lot too.

I see a few have that rack, who makes it, how much ?

a nice set of Renthals on there to replace the stock waterpipe jobbies and you're done.

I've seen bikes in a show room that aren't as clean as that one!!! Nice Job!!!

Thanks all for the 'clean' comments! When you take it apart 50 times just to get things right, it kinda winds up that way.

Just so happen to have a shot with nicer bars on, I couldn't stand the white ones.

These are Tag CR bend, double high.

Just nice to have a set of quality bars on, ya know . :thumbsup:


For sure on those bars! They look good too.

Super job :thumbsup: :thumbsup: congratulations, the "six-hunny" is still a terrific do-it-all bike.

looks sweet ! nice work

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