XR650L Handlebar Vibration Revisited

dont try exp. foam!!:moon::thumbsup:

i filled my bars with that crap, it didnt stop expanding, dripping goo, clogging my trhottle assy., and i had to pull my turn sig. switch apart and clean it 3 times. pain in the ass!:usa::bonk:

:usa::foul::moon: :moon: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:

i've always been told to fill them with great stuff, never tried though

Bark busters help too. You just need to add mass to the ends of your bars. Adding mass to the center (filling with BB's) doesn't help much for the middle 1/3rd of the bars.

The aftermarket aluminum bars are better for trying to dampen the vibration than the stock steel bars. At least you are off to the right start.

:foul::moon::usa: :usa: :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:


I bought an RSW triple clamp with 3" risers for my L and I feel no vibration.


You can get the risers in either 2" or 3" heights and for either 7/8" or 1 1/8" bars. The stock height above the stock triple clamp deck is 1 1/2", so the new risers, depending on which ones you get, will raise your bars either 1/2" or 1 1/2".

The risers are easily interchangeable also. If you want to raise or lower them an inch or if you want to get fat bars, you just order the new risers. :thumbsup:

The vibes aren't as bad as they used to be. I think it's because I've just gotten used to it. I've got 7000+ miles on my XR650L now. Rode 180 miles yesterday. Key is to relax your squeeze on the grip, take breaks, stretch fingers on downhills where you can let the bike coast, etc.

i agree with you, and try a vista cruise, or similar throttle lock. after you get used to it, it becomes second nature turning it on and off. when the hands start to buzz, turn it on, if only for 20 seconds to let the blood flow back into the hands. the vista cruise costs $25 to $30, (for a piece of plastic), but they work great for giving the hands a break on long rides.

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