JamesD : question on Big gun sds for you


I read your postings on the Big Gun SDS. Do you know what RPM range your bike was at when you tested with the quiet core spark arrestor or is the info you gave based on what Big Gun stated. This system is a big investment for me and I want to make sure it is the correct choice. Big Gun is also stating that they now make a super quiet core . Have you been able to test this as well.

Thanks for the added info ahead of time


The info was from the the Big Gun web site. I was planning on buying the SDS myself but I heard the spark arrester was backordered and I thought I'd wait for a magazine review first. (anyone know if this was in the Dirt Bike mag comparison? I can't find this month's copy anywhere!)

The quiet core isn't *supposed* to reduce power over the race core but that might be marketing hype.

The super quiet core is supposed to reduce power *slightly* (is slightly 1hp or 10hp?) but anything has to be better than that straw insert from the factory!

I think one of the best features of the Big Guns is the ability to change the core according to what you'll be doing.


I too am waiting to see this article in Dirt Bike. I believe only the subscribers have seen it. Some shops, like Bob's Cycle Supply, used to get the issues before I, as a subscriber, got it! What is up with that?

I will be changing my exhaust as well, prior to Moab. Hopefully, a lot sooner!

Anyone know the noise requirements for Hare Scrambles?

I have read the DB article on the Big Gun. There performance rating was a "B". Good low and midrange, lacking on the top end. Comments made that they wish they could have tested on a track that the dyno did not give them what they really wanted. Don't blame them. I have ordered the entire set up with the "super quiet core" arrestor. Should have in a couple of weeks and will post then.


I haven't read the Dirt Bike article yet. Hhowever, keep in mind dyno testing is NOT always the best indicator of how well an exhaust system will work for you. Dyno tests are done at full throttle, so they don't give you an indication of how well the machine performs at less than full throttle. Furhter dyno tests do not provide a good indication of how tractable and useful the power is - does it just result in a lot of willd wheelspin? The best indicator of performance is how quickly and easily you can cover ground.

When you buy an exhaust system think about where you will be riding. If your riding is all high end revving to the moon, then go with a top end system. For myself, most of the time riding is on trials, hills and tracks where strong low-end, strong mid-range and tractability are far more useful than a few extra horsepower on the top end. That is why the BigGun SDS works so well for me.

Eric in WA

Dyno runs definately aren't the final word in performance. I've seen several comparisons between pipes for street bikes where the pipe with the best dyno got smoked in roll-on times by a pipe showing a lot less peak HP.

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