52 tooth 1st time in Enduro?

I just bought a brand new 52 tooth rear sprocket. Everyone seems to like the extra low end for the tight stuff and also the shortened wheel base.

My question is this: I'm riding in an enduro this weekend. It is supposed to be very tight and rocky. I can't ride the bike until the race. Should I put the 52 tooth on and ride it for the first time in the enduro? Or should I keep my 50 tooth for the race and wait to swap on a more casual ride?

I really don't mind the 50 and it causes me no problems even with YZ timing. Will the 52 tooth make such a difference that it'll require a bit of a learning curve to ride? Like: more prone to wheelies, different shift points, a little quicker handling, all of which I might not want to have to overcome in my first race?


Hey Moderator God.. :)

You are running a 14/50 at the moment. Going to a 14/52 wont make too much difference. But, I would honestly try before the race. You may notice differences that we mere mortals cannot... :D

Serioously though, try it out before the race.


Gearing? I would be worrying about getting hydrated and eating lots of carbohydrates. Start drinking mucho water now, it makes a big difference at the fifteenth check! :)

Have fun!

Bryan I just changed back to my stock 50 tooth sprocket this weekend and to see which is best. I ran 52 miles in the some times tight woods of Wayne National forest this pat weekend.

I will be reinstalling the 52 tooth. I did notice some SERIOUSLY accelerated wear :) on the master link locking clip. I have a new Fredette chain guide and I think that will resolve the problem. If I were to keep the stock unit I would have to do some carving on it to eliminate the problem. Happy Trails :D


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Don't be a wimp. Put on the 52 tooth and enjoy. I just took mine to the track today (Watkins) and it kicked but out of the corners. You will seriously be please by the pull when you need it and it sounds like you will need it.

Besides, my money is that Cary will be the only one to finish the race anyway. The rest of you will be puking in your helmets :)

Have fun, wish I could be there.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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I learned a long time ago don't run anything new in a race that you haven't tried prior to the race.

I recently ran an enduro with 13/50 gearing. Some tight trails and some open roads. The change was a little too low for me but it was certianly manageable for a day's worth of riding. I think the 13/52 will probably be the perfect set-up. Either way you will probably be fine. I would start heavly drinking water. That was by far my biggest problem and I had a camelback. I was really tired and it was hard to concentrate at the end (it did help that I fell 3 times on one hill and had the little sense that I have knocked out of me). I was so dehidrated, that my kidneys were working overtime for 3 days afterward. Good luck.

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