03 WR450 3rd gear defect

As I own a 03 WR450 I am concerned about what I read about this defect. Is it just a matter of time before mine scatters? I'm wondering if it would be that much cheaper to have it fixed now, or just wait for it to go and fix it then? For those that have had this happen, How much did it cost to get rebuilt?

For as many of those bikes that are out there, I have only heard of a handful of breaks. If you are concerned go ahead and replace the gears now, but I will wait and see on mine. It does sound like 3rd and 5th are the weakpoints of the tranny, but I would't call them defective. I run mine pretty hard and am in 3rd gear probably more than any other, and have had no problems...but who knows??:excuseme:


Dave, Appreciate your comments- A little nerve racking to think I'm walking on eggshells with this machine. Its good to know that not every one is ready to crap out at a moments notice.

I am not a racer, so I doubt if I am being very hard on mine. If I had the tranny rebuilt it would be as much as I paid for the bike! Thanks for sharing your experience! Doug

I got my bike last year second hand and am just now noticing 3rd gear problems. Sometimes it won't go in at all until the rpms are low enough and sometimes it works fine.

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