metal chunks on magnetic plug!!!!!

I need some advice guys. I know the subject of metal debris in the oil filter has been discussed many times and everyone has come to the conclusion that it is normal. I have a magnetic drain plug on my 01 426. I noticed that since I installed it, it always seems to do a good job of attracting the small particles in the oil. There is usually a small gathering of metalic sludge on the end of the magnet when I remove it.

Recently I changed the oil and found a chunk of metal on the magnet. The metal was approx 4mm long and about 1mm wide. (like a small chunk of pencil lead). This scared the crap out of me!! I looked very closely at the drained oil, and noticed a that there are minute pieces of metal, like super small glitter, in the oil. I rode one day and changed the oil again. The magnet caught one more chunk of metal that was smaller than the first.

My bike runs perfect. It never jumps out of gear or miss shifts. I always use the clutch to shift up or down. I fear that I may have the start of a transmission problem and I don't know what to do about it.

I am wondering if something such as this should cause me to tear the motor down to try to prevent further damage. I spoke to my dealer for advice and he said, ride it until it breaks. He said that it was most likely a small piece of a gear, and it may be no big deal. He stated that if I tore the motor down, I may find nothing wrong.

My bike is well past break-in, but not yet a year old. Should I be worried at this point? If so, how worried?? Should I even be thinking of tearing the motor down? The thought of a blown transmission scares me after reading other tranny posts. If I need to act, tell me so. If I am over-reacting, slap me in the face and tell me to shut up......

SLAP!! :)

For once I would agree with your dealer. This also say's something about his honesty by not taking the moment to bend you over. But keep an eye on it and if it continues, gets worse or shifts different than the norm, then you might want to take a peek.. My .02 worth...


I wouldn't worry about it, bits of gears do come off from time to time, just be thankful that the magnetic drain plug caught it and it isn't still circulating, looking to get wedged between a set of gears or a valve train item...

Watch the next couple of oil changes carefully, and if no more particles come out, then don't worry about it...


Wyatt, I hade the SAME thing happen to my '99 YZ-400 last mid-summer. I had bought used, then found out that the top end needed rebuilding and found an identicaly sized metal chip stuck in the magneto! It sure looked like the cap of a gear tooth but was not. Let me explain : I rebuilt and decided to ignore the chip as I felt I had gotten ripped off enough with the bike. Out of sight , out of mind. Well after two months use I was practicing at my secret track ( flat but high speed ) and after having overreved in third the motor soundeed different. Like a swooshing sound. Decided to change timing chaain and re verify valves. All good so fire it back up and noise still there = BOTTOM END REBUILD. Yep I think the metal chunk was part of the lower end bearing or cage as NO chipping was found at all in tranny, everything was and is still perfect. Sorry to bear the bad news. I guess above posts are spot on. Ride until it blows or save a few bucks and do your bottom end possibly saving the top end.

I had worn the crank pin by at least .020'' radially. Take it easy and work patiently please! :)

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