2000 YZ426 Cylinder Head Help

My 2000 426 just broke an intake valve which then destroyed the valve seat and bounced around in the chamber dinging everything up. I have 2 questions:

1. what other years will swap with my model? Im trying to find a used head but so far can't find a 2000. (anybody have one?)

2. i have seen on other threads talk about having the head rebuilt. anybody know of any links to shops that can rebuild these?

thanks for the link, im already watching that one. i just dont know yet if it will work on my bike. luckly i was going about 5mph when it went. locked up the rear tire instantly. i didnt really hear anything except all the birds in the trees from the silence, then me cussing while i pushed it for about 2 miles to get back to civilization in about 95 degree heat.

All 426 heads are interchangeable. 2000's were stainless valves, later ones Ti, but you can rebuild either one with SS valves as long as you use the '00 springs.

If you don't find a replacement, EDCo does first rate reconstruction.

so the 2001 will bolt right on to my 2000? the only difference is the material the valves are made from? thanks

A YZ400F head will also work. I have a 99 YZ400f that I installed a cylinder, piston, rod, and crank pin out of a 2000 YZ426. While using the 99 400 head.

If you use a '98 head, you will need to plug the port for the hot start air bleed, which is ported into the intake on that early head.

That hurts. Check everything closely. When mine dropped a valve it twisted the rod to go along with the messed up piston and head. I feel your pain.

Good luck

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