little mishaps

Well last saturday i was riding my 426 down the road in a stand up mid 5th gear wheelie, and went over a little too far.. Can you say road rash!!! Luckily the only thing that happened was that the end cap on the pipe got bent and scratched the rear fender and ripped the grip on the throttle side.. I was wondering if i could buy a new endcap or something like that..

Ouch! What kind of pipe do you have?

Its the stock pipe.. Not looking to spend too much money, just wondering if there was something i could do..

Pro moto Billet makes one. Bout 100 bucks or so.

Pro moto Billet makes one. Bout 100 bucks or so.

Just bought one and installed for my trip to Colorado. Very nice looking piece. They are annodized blue and have a spark arrestor for riding in National forest.

Sweet! Anyone know where i can get one? Seems that is what i need!!

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