Uncorked, rejetted, and won't start

03 xr650r fully uncorked with 175/68 jetting and won't kick over. There's a little rumble but nothing serious. Don't know where the idle and fuel screws are now so many turns. Any suggestions?

OK, here's my method, crude but it helps diagnose the problem. Find a big long hill, get going fast in neutral, then bump start it in third gear with the throttle half open. If it starts, then dies when you let off throttle, then you have diagnosed your problem as being in the idle circuit.

If this is the case and you still have hill left to go, bump start it again, but this time with the idle speed adjuster turned in a couple turns. If it still dies when you let off throttle, then you have a plugged idle circuit — either the jet or higher up in the passages.

If it won't start at all by bump starting, then you have to disassemble the carb and see where the reassembly went wrong. Could be a float installed upside down, any number of things.

The pilot screw, to start fine tuning, turn clockwise until it lightly seats then back it 2 full turns out.

Once uncorked, mine would not start with the choke full on. I kick once with the choke full on, them set it at the first click. Once it fires, I shut it off after only a few seconds.

I had a tough time first starting after I uncorked doing it the usual way (choke full on until it fired, back of one click after 30 seconds or so, then all the way off after a minute or so. Uncorked it will not start like that.

I hope it is as simple as that.

Drain your bowl into a cup or something. Maybe water????:excuseme:

Many things can be wrong, but dont panic!

two simple problems i've run into when i've tore into my carb to re-jet it...then the bike wouldnt start:

(1) Did you turn the petcock back on.

(2) Try turning the idle up anywhere from 1/2 to 1 turn (I had this happen before. the bike wouldn't stay lit past one or two pop's from the kick)

Sometimes its the simple, sometimes not....but always start simple.

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