Meeting new riders

Yesterday I was going to hit a track but it was closed so I made a last minute decision to ride Rampart by myself. (I have a map at home that is highlighted with what trails I do when I am alone so my wife knows where I can be located if I don't report back in).

Anyway, I get there late afternoon and I am the only one unloading. Then a guy pulls up 10 minutes later and he is alone also. We start talking and get up a good enough raport to ride together which is always safer.

He was just getting back into the sport and didn't know his way around at all. He was happy to ride with someone who wouldn't get him lost. He was on a ATK 406 two stroke that was bored out to a 435. A monster of a bike. A pretty big one if you are just getting back into the sport.

He was very cool. He kept thanking me for letting him "tag along" and waiting for him at the forks. He was riding cautiously, but I would too if I was on a beast like that and just getting my chops back. We exchanged numbers and promised to hook up again.

I told him about our Moab trip and he thought it was the coolest thing. He told a funny story of him and his buddies who were just out there in March. None of them knew what this place was about and were completely unprepared for the terrain. They broke a lot of levers and chains and spent most of the time towing each other out of the trails.

It is always cool when you meet someone new in this sport and who is a cool person.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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Was the ATK wicked loud? I raced against one of those things...Wow, talk about loud!

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