Edelbrock Carb

Anyone have any feedback on a Edelbrock carb.for a 2004 XR650R?

It kicks ass, 2 whacks of the throttle fires right up, starts right up after a spill......snappy,crisp, easy to tune, w/ the stage II cam and a header system, U R good 2 go...............:thumbsup:

tell me more about a stage 2 cam.

I really need some feedback....thanks

tell me more about a stage 2 cam.

stage II cam will give you more mid-top end power, where a stage I would give more midrange power. Cost about 200 bucks from HotCams.

do you have to rejet with a stage 2 cam?

the Edelbrock carburetor has no jets to be changed. You might need to change the needle. The carburetor has an external adjustment which takes care of all fine tuning and altitude changes. My suggestion would be a good exhaust system with Heather and the Edelbrock carburetor. I have been very happy with the BARNUMS PRO DUAL EXHAUST. It is loud but with the factory cam and engine it produces more than adequate power for most people.

For some dyno charts on a cam and other carburetors check out the links on this page.


Kinda of confusing page but, you just click on the words and you go to that link. Lots of stuff if you are into horsepower out of the xr650r.

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