suspension revalve and respring???

I,m looking for your input on having my suspension profesionaly set up for my weight and ability is this a waste or worth the money? i have a 01 WR426 and I am 200 lbs.

I rate it as the best mod along with a steering damper for the Arizona desert. Piper does a great job, but have been very busy lately.

Just did Race Tech everything to my 99 WR/YZ 400. Front and rear springs, Gold valves, ect. It is like a completely different bike. It sucks up the little stuff like it isn't even there and handles the motorcross track unbelievably. I can't wait for more seat time. I can't say enough about it. I rode yesterday with a couple of KTM guys who are good friends. One has a SX 400 and the other has a SX 125. The 125 guy spent $400 with a local guy and said he wished his was 1/2 as plush as mine. The guy with the 400 said my bike was just perfect. He still can't get over how much power it has compared to his. I also have the Clarke 3.3 gallon YZ style tank and seat combo and have removed the light and odo.

MX-Tech is the only shop I trust with my suspension. My WR is a WHOLE NEW BIKE now. Very plush in the woods, excellent bottoming resistance. Steering/handling is much improved.

This is the best mod I've done!

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