OT: Traffic Tickets

hmmmm, I wonder if it works. May be a bunch of BS, but on the other hand....

If You Get A Traffic Ticket This has been tried and it works.....

I tried to send this to everyone I know. I know for a fact this works so if you ever get in this situation, you have an out. This procedure works in every state. Read it and try it, you have nothing to lose but the points on your license. If you get a speeding ticket or went through a red light or whatever the case may be, and you are going to get points on your license, then there is a method to ensure that you DO NOT get any points.

When you get your fine, send in the check to pay for it and if the fine is say, $79, then make the check out for $82 or some small amount over the fine. The system will then have to send you back a check for the

difference, but here is the trick! DO NOT CASH THE REFUND CHECK! Throw it away!

Points are not assessed to your license until all financial transactions are complete. If you do not cash the check, then the transactions are NOT complete. However, the system has gotten its money and is happy and will not bother you anymore.

This information comes from an unmentionable

computer company that sets up the standard database used by each states DMV.

Good luck!!!

This may very well be true since I've heard it several times before.

Candyman, That rocks!!!


You going to Moab or what? :)

I will be there. Just need to figure out how to get my bike there too! Kev, Bill & I are investigating shipping options from the East Coast.

This is an often repeated "urban legend".

I can tell you for a fact it is not true, in California. I write tickets, I know.

What is true is to plead not guilty regardless of the ticket. In many cases your court date will be delayed for months 4,5,6+ and the officer has a good chance at that point of not showing up to court to tell their side of the story. They could be on vacation, have transfered to a difference precinct, or have move to a new postion. Also, request as much case info as possible such as the operating manual and maintenance records for a radar gun. Also request a copy of the officers log, etc... In many cases, the court will dismiss the ticket due to technical difficulties. At the very worst, you'll have to pay the face value of the ticket. I've beat a least one speeded ticket that way.

Bryan B., I tried that technique once. I asked for a court date , it got set 2-3 months later. I asked fot the officer to be there, the radar specs and qualifications, I even asked for the guy that radared me from the plane. Sounds good so far... I showed up for my court date thinkin' no problem... I'm sitting in the court waiting for the court to start and in walk two officers one's wearing his cop uniform the others wearing flight nomex...so they sit down and one of them starts flipping through a bunch of tickets, he stops at one and says in a whisper to the other cop "look at this guy he was going 87, what the hell is he doing here, maybe hes gonna tell the judge he was getting a hummer and didn't notice he was going 17 mph over the f**king speed limit..." and they both start laughing.

I got up, walked out to the cashier, wrote the check and walked out...


Wish I could say I got that hummer...


About the aircraft speeder spotting and their funny comments.

1. How can he distinuguish between cars

2. What was the official reading and how is it recorded. The office should know in detail how the speed is recorded. If he does not, then you have a case

3. How do they officially record the speed. Line markers? There must be some desernable means of accurately doing so.

4. What is the the official readin? How can that be accertained officially. You did not see it, only what you were told.

Anyways, just my thoughts


In WA state it is completely legal to radar you by air. I'm not totally sure how they go about doing it but I do know it holds up in court...



Boring??? Maybe. Correct? 100%

Cops get lied to everyday. If you lie, you get a ticket for treating me like I'm stupid.

If you tell me the truth and you weren't doing burnouts in front of my Chief....you stand a good chance of getting a warning ;-)

Cops are just people doing a job, if you treat us bad, we may return the favor!

If you treat us nice, we may do the same. Doesn't work everytime, but being an "Adam Henry" will get you the ticket everytime!

OBTW- Cops (for the most part) don't get offended if you fight a ticket, it's your right and we understand that. Besides overtime buys nice bike toys :)

G'day LawDog,

What is an "Adam Henry". Being from Australia, many of your terms are still foreign (although, i did live inn the US for 3 years).

Also, with reference to being truthful, granted, 100% best chance of getting out of a ticket. As long as the violation is not completely overboard.

Off the record, infront of 200 members.. :D what is considered a safe "margin"? ie What speed differential above posted "typically" draws attention. In your humble opinion that is. :)


I've been told by an unreliable source :) that a cop is trained to decide whether or not they are going to write a ticket or just give a warning before they even have contact with the speeder. This is to prevent a sweet talking individual (in a mini skirt?) from talking them out of a ticket. So, if this is true, it makes no difference if you are cordial or not.

Note: I've only had two tickets, both times I didn't say a word. I knew I was in the wrong so I kept quiet. I was very cooporative, but silent. Both times the officer commented how 'cooporative' I was being and that he appreciated the attitude. Both times I still got the ticket. Also, both times I contested the ticket in traffic court. Basically I just showed up and played dumb. I dressed in a suit and told them how I've been a safe driver all my life and didn't want to see my insurance go up boo hoo hoo. Both times they reduced the ticket to 'driving a defective vehicle' (both were new vehicles) which resulted in the same fine but no points against my liscense.

I've heard this reduction is a Colorado thing though and other states might not be so lenient.


I believe "Adam Henry" refers to your southernmost orifice. I've gotten out of way more tickets than I received. If you're guilty get ready to take your medicine. Be totally honest (well almost) and just remember these people are just like you and me (except for the fact they can shoot you :) ). Also having a nice vehicle helps.

well,I have to add my bit as well. and being Canadian, you might think being polite is a national standard.. but it isn't.. we have our share of a-holes (Albert Henrys?) on both side of the ticket book.

BUT... 2 years ago I was ripping through northern British Columbia on my FRZ1000 and I was snagged (along with my riding bud on his GSXR11 ) for doing 175km in a 90 zone. (everywhere is a 90km zone) Now before you all get uppity aout the speeds, check a map of northern B.C. There's only a few roads and not many people. The speeds we were cruising at WERE safe considering traffic, terrain & time of day.

Needles to say, the R.C.M.P. constable was quite appreciative when we both pulled over to the side, we were friendly, talked about the weather & tourism and such.. and he more than 1/2'd the ticket to a "speeding" fine. The draconian speeding laws in B.C. still left us with a $175 CAN ($18.95 U.S.) ticket..but if we hadn't been 'nice' we would have been looking at over $450 !!!

As for pulling over instead of running away.. Check the maps.. their was only 1 road on the route we were on... (Prince Rupert to Prince George) and you aren't going to out-run a radio wave...

so..be nice, treat the police like people and chances are they will reciprocate the feeling... that is unless it's the last few days of the month and they need their quota.

(sorry Law Dog) :) ...then you're gonna walk away with paper no matter how you look at it.

Facinating feedback....

Let me tell a story. March 8th, 1998. Sunday I believe, my birthday. I came back from a very long ride down south to San Jose.

Jumped onto 17 from 280 toward Santa Cruz. Anyways, clipping along at 120mph splitting lanes (stupid, I admit it) and was apparently persued by a CHP officer in a chevy screaming along the emergency lane (along the concrete wall). At this point I was unawares of his presence. Honest... :D I pulled off the next exit where a friend lived. i looked in my mirror and saw the CHP car come screaming up behind me. At that point, i figured he radar'd me so I pulled over before his lights even went on.

Nice chap, explained that I was doing 110mph (damn speedo was out :D). I was very polite, friendly and touristy. The G'day seemed to verify the tourist part. We spoke about bikes, his job, how long he was a CHP officer, where he was from. Hell, I think I know more about him than his girlfriend. We even leaned against his car for 10 mins and chatted. Really nice guy. Anyways, he reduced the ticked to 75 in a 65 zone. Really nice guy. :)

But, I decided to contest it as I lost the ticket, forgot about the court date requiremenmts (hell, how am I supposed to know, I am a foreigner). So, I put in a court date request not to pay the additional late fines and have the charge returned to a moving violation and not a mistamenour (With a H1 visa, getting a Mistermenour can result in visa revokation). So, we turn up at the court, the office turns up and we say our hellos and how are you doing infront of the judge. We were both happy and cheery but the judge thought we were a little too chummy and questioned the situation. the officer responded with "Mr X was a very pleasant person to speak to and we were just saying hello." WE both smiled which resulted in a humerous chuckle from the judge. I think it was the first time he ever smiled at the office.

Anyways, i did not lose any points and the fine was reduced to the original fine. I dont know how I got around the points, but I did.



Although I am sure it varies from state to state, the general acceptance is 10mph over the posted limit. Of course this is not gospel, and I would not back you up in court if you call me in as a surprise witness.

If you want to see something funny, try driving through New York state (or city) at 10 over. You will probably get run off the road. I-87 goes north from NY City (outskirts) up into Canada. I used to live in Upstate NY (loved it). I coined I-87 the autobahn. Those crazy canadians would be flying up that road. Heck, they ARE leaving the country anyways.

I was driving through Pennsylvania very late one night. I was on I-84 that goes into New York. I was driving my mini pickup around 85mph, speed limit 55mph. The road was completely deserted. I watch my rearview mirror alot, mainly because I do speed-but not reckless though, and THAT IS important! Anyhoo, out of nowhere this car blows by me. I was so startled, I hit the brakes. Wouldn't you know it, it was a cop. I guess he saw the pointlessness of pulling me over when were in the middle of nowhere at 2am.

In Moab, remind me to tell you the story of the day I was pulled over by a female police officer. This was after a VERY BAD race in Pennsylvania. It is no big deal, but isn't Moab where all the stories will come out? You have got to tell the guys the story of the camping trip and those sheep!! :)

Mitch, Adam Henry is police slang for @$$ hole.

Brian, to write or not to write....you're somewhat correct. Sometimes your dead meat before you open your mouth but......as Mitch discovered officers have "discretion" on what they write.... 110mph could be "speeding" or "jail" depending.... As far a quota's go no such thing at my department but that's an employee performace issue. If you don't write any are you doing your job? You need a few but there is no set number, truly. And really "no kidding" this guy NEEDS a ticket just aren't that hard to come by. If you drive in California you know I speek the truth :)

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