header pipe turning red


Ona 2000 wr 400 the header pipe is turn red after it idles for lil over 2 min. I am running 50/ disstilled water 50 watter wetter for most of this year. I swapped out the water wetter with new and no change. Do you think my water pump/ lil withe fan that help move the anti freeze toke a dump? Let me know asap, what to hit ovrp 2morrow


The header will turn red when idling...there is nothing wrong with that. PLEASE do yourself a favor and read the FAQ's. They will be a great help to you.:thumbsup:


You better use a fire hose to cool it down.LOL it's normal when parked and engine running to glow as theres no air flow.It looks great at night when stopped at a red light.

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