Rumors of new 4-strokes

Hey Guys:

For what it's worth here is a couple more internet rumors :)

A friend in the industry just told me that he got a confirmation from someone at Honda and they will have a 500cc Four Stroke Motocrosser next year (19 lbs lighter than a YZ426). Don't know if it will be production or proto next year.

He also said that Fonz rode the rumored YZ250F for use in the 125 class and it was wicked fast and looked just like a 426.

Last but not least he heard next years YZ will be 470cc.

I wish the manufacturers would just spill the beans and tell us, the suspense is killing me..........

YZ470cc. :)

If that is the case, then I am going to buy one of those BAD BOYS.... YEAH

Well the YZ250 is confirmed. And there is a WR250 too!!!!! Check this out.

According to this it will be YZ426 and WR426 next year (with Ti valves!).

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Had I known, I would have waited to have purchased my 400! The weight of the YZ250F is killer! I guess I'll be selling my 99 WR400F soon. The power is great, but I bet the 250 is very, very knimble! Go blue!

As soon as I can possible get my hand on a yz250f I will. I will sel by wr400 to buy it.

It would be a wicked bike.


--From MXAction--


Believe it or not, Yamaha will race a four-stroke in the 125 class next year. No, not a 125cc four-stroke---a 250cc four-stroke. Under current AMA rules the 125 class is limited to 0-to-125cc two-strokes and 0-to-250cc four-strokes. The all-new Yamaha YZ250F (the F stands for Four-Stroke) is a down-sized version of the popular YZ426 (which is 250 class legal). But do not think that the YZ250F is a clone of the YZ426. In fact, it shares very few engine components with its big brother. Few engine parts are transferable from the 426F to the 250F and the 250F is 18 pounds lighter.


By building a 250cc four-stroke Yamaha intends to open the four-stroke market up to a wider range of riders and racers (in the four-stroke world that translates into a younger audience). Although the Yamaha YZ426 sells like hot cakes, its' buyers are older and more mature (mostly Vet class riders). The reasons for this are simple: (1) Only riders above 30 have any history with four-strokes. Younger riders do not remember the days of BSA, CCM, ATK, Avenger or the Bengt Aberg Replica Yamaha. (2) Young riders are not interested in big bikes, the majority of Open class bikes are sold to riders over 30. Teenagers tend towards 125's. (3) Yamaha has taken over the number one spot in motocross bike sales (from Honda) and a large part of their success comes from selling product that no one else has. The YZ250F will be the only competition-based 250 four-stroke in the world. The fact that it is 125 class-legal means that it has marketability to trail riders looking for a light and fast 250, young racers who want something different for the 125 class and Vets who would prefer a smaller displacement four-stroke. This bike could be a slam-dunk for Yamaha's sales department.


It rips! That is if you believe Jeremy McGrath. Jeremy tested it atSoCals MX Compound (during a new product photo shoot) and loved it. Yamaha test rider Doug Dubach claims that the YZ250F is as fast as any two-stroke 250 and faster than any two-stroke 125.

Insiders at Team Yamaha of Troy insist that Stephane Roncada was three seconds a lap faster on the YZ250F than on his YZ125. The rule book ramifications of really fast 250 four-strokes racingin the 125 class could be interesting. Ever since Doug Henry won the 250 National Championship on a YZ400 in 1998, the red, yellow and green teams have been complaining that the current displacement advantage given to four-strokes is too lenient (it stands at 550cc for the 250 class). They would like it lowered. Some would like it abolished. No one has ever tried to race an over-size four-stroke in the 125 class (the displacement limit for the 125 class was raised from 150cc to 250cc to encourage more development). If Yamaha succeeds, and the bike is as fast as Yamaha's test riders think it is, you will hear the calls for small displacement rule emanating from Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki (although Honda has oft been rumored to be ready to enter their own four-stroke into the market later this year).


Here are some tidbits about the 2001 Yamaha YZ250F (Four-stroke).

(1) It will hit the track at the same weight as a YZ250

(2) It uses YZ125 wheels, hubs, rims and brakes.

(3) The carburetor is a 37mm Keihin FCR.

(4) The YZ250F will rev to 13,500 rpm.

(5) The valves are titanium.

(6) There will be a WR250F.

(7) The bike will be lucky to make the showrooms by Christmas.

(8) It is possible that David Vuillemin will race one at Mammoth

Mountain in the 125 class (Vuillemin intends to race all three classes at

Mammoth). Additionally, Yamaha of Troy will race them in the 125 Supercross

series starting in January.

(9) The sales price will be less than a YZ250, but more than a YZ125

(probably around $5400).

(10) The complete production run will sell out in the first month.

What do you guys think about DualSporting a WR250F vs the WR426F? (or vs the DRZ400S)

I'd probably use it 80%-20% dirt/road. Minimal (if any) highway usage.

-> You WILL see my butt on one of these sweet M-er F-ers next year. I'm on the top of the list to get the first 2001 WR250F to arrive at my dealer. :)

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