Free Stickers!!

How do you all guys get your free stickers? What companies give them out?:thinking:

Anybody want to help me? I love stickers.:cry:

lol, you could email a s**tload of companies for their stickers but there is a sticker kit in my rocky mountain catalog and it has like 30 sticker of all different kinds of brands.

Do a Search, this has been covered... hehe.

i get mine from sponsers

Do a Search, this has been covered... hehe.

I think the list of companies has been deleted. Somebody might still have a list??? You might have tough luck though, we emptied most of them of their stickers a while back:p

The list has been deleted so we nead a new thread and here it is. So how about FMF how are they?

My kids love stickers... they have great success going to moto shops with me, and asking... the shops always seem to have some available...

Anybody have a list of email to start with?

go to a national an go to the tents, an go to the pits an ask for stuff, i got RC grips, a grant langston fender auto graphed by the hole pro circuit team an a bunch of other stuff

hahaha u missed BIG. I have soo many stickers now that i have a case full of them


Howell where did you get them, can you give me them. Also I plan on going the E-mail route.

I emailed like 3 companies and i have never heard from them and this was like a month ago.

Who did you email?

go to some nationals, i get bag fulls heheheheh:p

sorry i hate to get involved in mailing stuff

But I can't go to nationals so I need another way. So who can I email?

I got some from protaper. I forget exactly if I e-mailed them or filled out a submission. Anyway they sent me like 10 stickers for free.

i get mine from sponsers

Same here!!

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