I got a lil' buddy for Big Blue

First, Big Blue:


Pretty much all stock '04 YZ450F. You can see me riding it here (with a sore left elbow that I'm babying):


I like it pretty well, but I miss changing pistons, jetting, mixing oil/gas, cleaning silencers, swapping clutches, and...what'd I miss? :excuseme: So I picked up a lil' green machine last week:


'05 KX125. FMF pipe, revalved suspension, otherwise stock.

I was breaking in a new piston/rings by doing short loads, shifting 1st-3rd. "Pretty fast!", I thought, "Almost as fast as the 450F!" So, I got the 450F out, warmed it up and did the same runs. First run, the low end hit and just about lost me off the back of the bike. 2nd run, I carried the front wheel about 18" off the ground the whole way.... No, the 125's not NEARLY as fast as the :worthy: 450F! :busted: It's still fun, though. Glad I got it.

nice bike...CLEAN. I likey!!!

Just for fun, I threw both bikes on my USDA certified cattle scale (accurate to 5 lbs) today. Both had a full tank of gas, ready to ride.

YZ450F- 253 lbs

KX125- 223 lbs.

Looking back over my records, I see that my old '96 XR250 weighed 265 lbs, my fully loaded (WER, barkbusters) '96 KDX200 was 245 lbs, and my '92 YZ250WR was also 245 lbs.

Wow, that's 30lbs! I have a KDX and I'm looking to buy a 125, I think it will be great on the MX track - They say it teaches you to ride agressively, and I think that's what I need!

125s are fun but if you weigh more than 170lbs....they are a ton of work to get them to stay up to speed. 190-200lbs......fo get about it....way too much work:rant:

way too much work:rant:

That's the point, though. It's fun to wring a bike out for everything it's got. I'm not looking at the 125 as "the ultimate bike", but more as a training tool so I can remember what it's like to hold a throttle wide open.

Travis Preston was 190 lb when he won the SX Championship (on a CR125, too!). I'm 165, looking for 155.

yea I know...I have many buddies on 4strokes that went back for the ....I need more work reason......I tried it and I like working less to go fast. :bonk:

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