Street legal conversion (Baja Designs)

I almost finished with the installation of the Baja Designs kit for my 99’ WR400. Does any one have any tips or experiences on the street legal registration process in California?

I street registered my '99 in January and it was a piece of cake. Take the paperwork from BD with the CVC sections about dual reg and the DMV will be able to muddle thru it. I got a 'teller' that had never done a dual reg and it took about an hour.


Isn't there the potential for problems based on having a "C" or "3" in the VIN number 8 position? I'd be interested on hearing if the WR guys are getting plates, and if they have these numbers, because over on the DRZ thread there's been a lot of talk about Cal. registration -- or lack thereof!

In 1998, I bought my new WR400 in Somerset KY. The very next day I flew to California for my very first time. I spent 10 long days in California, it was great, but I could not wait to get back to KY to ride my new Wr400. Anyway, while I was there, I dragged my wife and child to DRIVEN in LA to buy my conversion kit.(the highlight of my trip) To make a long story short, I went to the court house, presented my proof of insurance and certificate of origin. I got my plate.By law, they had to inspect my bike but they did not. (what a waste on a $500.00 conversion kit). Well maybe everyone should try what I did, but no guarantees. I love the ability to ride anywhere, and I do have the tail light assembly on my WR from DRIVEN.

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