Bryan, if you need help... {:-)

Hey Bry,

If you need help compiling the numbers of defintes and maybe's, I can certainly help out there. That way, all you need to do is focus on getting your group together.

Gentlemen, here is my Travel Agenda.

- I will be driving out Thursday morning from San Jose area. Rental. 5th of October I believe it is.. :)

- Bprrowing a friends YZ400 but I will be bringing my WR seat and tank from Australia.

- Arrive Moab Thursday evening

- I will be renting/borrowing a truck

- Truck will have room for three bike and two passengers

- I will probably stay a couple of days longer, come home Wednesday morning?

- Fly home to Australia thursday evening.

If anybody would like to travel with me, great, I am flexible. Alternatively, if there are others out there who would like to stay for the same duration and have their own truck (double cab) and large trailer for the bikes and the beers, I would love to tag along.. :D



I've got a 3/4 ton Dodge extended cab Cummins turbo diesel truck. I don't own a trailer. The trip duration is no problem. I will give you a definite answer tomorrow as to whether I'm going or not. I'm 99% sure I'm going. If so you're more than welcome to come along. I live in Santa Clara (no more than 15 miles from Menlo Park). E-mail me direct @

Mitch & Mike(s),

I'm in.

Leaving the 5th shouldn't be any problem. Since I just started the new job and am kinda hosed the vacation thing I may need to leave Monday. We'll play it by ear and see how things shape up with other Bay Area folks. I'm in Santa Rosa.

As I posted elsewhere I also have a extra cab Dodge Cummins and won't/don't have any issue driving it. That's the reason I bought it :) If anybody has a trailer (enclosed would be sweet) that can handle most of the bikes I'd be happy to tow it - I'm set up for a regular trailer or 5th wheel. Could even do a goose neck if necessary. The only real problem w/trailer is the lower LEGAL speed limit.

The best email address for me is

Damn - I'm all squishy inside. This is just too cool. I'm gonna have to ride a lot between now & October if I hope to keep up.


Hey Brian, I knopw a guy that has a closed trailer that I think would be happy for us to use it. It can hold three bikes and it is enclosed....

Regarding the legal limits with trailers. I could drive. The reason I say this is that I am Australian. I have exceeded the speed limit in the past and always answered the officer with a G'day. Sorry, I did not know... The act dumb routine. I have always been let off. When towing a trailer that is.. :)



Be careful what you wish for - it may come true.

Not sure but the limit may be higher with the trailer in Nevada & Utah. California is 55 mph w/trailer. The truck is gearing limited to 75mph so it's not that big of a deal:-)

This is gonna be fun...


Brian, as in Long Beach south of San Fran?

Long Beach near LA? Wow, this is a bit of a haul. I am located in Menlo park, just south of San Fran and so is Mike. IS this going to be a problem for you to come all the way up here first????

Or, do you have friends also coming along and you will meet up with Mike from Silicon Valley, myself and whoever else????

Your trucck is gear limited ti 75mph? please explain?



I recently moved to Santa Rosa - about 60 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, straight up 101.

I've asked Bryan how to change my user name - I've already changed my preferences.



My truck has a redline of 3200 rpm - Cummins Turbo Diesel - and 4.10 ring & pinions. It's set up to tow a 15K lb 5th wheel trailer - my parents. If I remember correctly it works out to ~90-95 mph top speed with 33 inch tall tires.

Best cruise rpm is about 2200 rpm and that's about 73-75 mph. Anything higher than 2400 rpm gets really annoying and the mileage takes a dump.


If any of you guys are passing my way, you can pick me and my wr up too.......

I live in Buckinghamshire, England :)


you lucky b**tards

[This message has been edited by Darren Santilli (edited 06-07-2000).]

[This message has been edited by Darren Santilli (edited 06-07-2000).]

Originally posted by Darren Santilli:

If any of you guys are passing my way, you can pick me and my wr up too.......

I live in Buckinghamshire, England :)

I have a good friend in Cookham, Berkshire who flew out to Moab. He rode a borrowed XR650L flawlessly. If you guys can get on a plane, I'll try to find you bikes...


Wow...thats a great offer Jake....


Unfortunately for me, I cant get time off work very easily, so I cant make it.

Thanks again for the offer though it was very generous.



'00 WR

green with envy

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