Let's get our priorities straight

There was a message posted that was titled, A New On line Pettion - Save our Trails! however, to date only one person has responded (me)! The post about traffic tickets, however interesting has 30+ responses! We need to move collectively on expressing our opinions about enviro-nazi sponsored legislation that potentially could take away our rights to use public lands to ride on forever! Please respond to this post today! Thanks. I'll step down off my soap box now! :-)

Bryan, OK! I guess we get a little caught up in other topics but what could be more important than our right to ride...

You are ABSOLUTELY right Bryan! This is something we often don't want to deal with or discuss. But if we don't deal with it now, there will be nothing else to discuss!

I just signed the petition!

Thanks for kicking my butt and reminding me to sign this important petition!


This is a hot topic for me living in San Diego. I just move here from Oregon and I've found the eviro-nazi front even stronger! We're loosing another 500k acres due to some friggin' toad! Frog legs anyone? You have an awesome forum here Bryan and I read it everyday. Let's make sure we keep each other motivated to fight for our right to ride. I know www.off-road.com is a great site to keep up with the trends and issues. Please consider adding a link to land use issues somewhere on your site. Also, thanks for voting. I'd rather loose fighting than by default!


I did post my vote yesterday. I was going to acknowledge it to you on TT in a reply, but didn't. Sorry. My vote is in there, Pal!

I voted yesterday too. It only takes a couple seconds.


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I voted and got an email back from them today. I didn't bother to reply to the post here about it though, didn't know I was supposed to...


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I guess you don't have to indicate you voted however, the more people that do, I believe the more people will vote. Let's keep the momentum going!

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