Gold chains

You guys with gold chains, how is the GOLD holding up after hours of use ?

I had one once (DID) and the gold plating didn't take long to start coming off, then it looked like crap :thumbsdn:

Just wondering if they all do this and it's a normal wear characteristic ?

It might of been because I was running a strange suspension device (involved chain/not on XRL though) that I thought was cool but turned out bogus reliability wise. :thumbsdn: :thumbsdn: :thumbsdn:

never had any problems with mine and have used quite a few.

:busted: bling on the BRP!:busted:

I use chainwax and after two seconds of riding in the dirt, the chain goes from gold to doo doo brown. Water seems to wreck the gold finish faster than wear and dirt.

The chain on my XR is still gold, the clapped out chain on it before stayed gold, and both chains I had on my previous CR250 stayed gold. On the other hand, I recently got a CBR600 engine with a good chain still on it, but the gold is turning nasty. :excuseme:

Yeah the gold looks way better with those new spinner chopper rims which work great as Ninja stars on the MX track.

You guys try just WD-40 without using and sticky lubes or oils?

Regina gold on the pig happy so far..about 800 mi or so on it..

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