Scotts Damper & Thumper Bar Risers

Do any of you have direct experience with the Thumper 1.5" risers and a Scott's damper set-up?

I'd really like to get the damper but if it means having to go back to the hunchback bar set up then I'll have to pass.


Brian, I'm running a Topar aluminum top clamp with a set of Tag Metals T-2 bars CR-HI bend. The clamp has two positions. The back is the same as stock and the front puts the bars directly over the adjusting screw for the forks. There's lots of room and I have a Scotts damper with the pin that clamps around the dipstick tube. I bought the whole set up from Hypersports. They sold the set up to me for $600.00. The top clamp was $120.00. Let me know if you need some pictures or more info.


00'WR400 75'Yamaha 250 enduro

White e-Series S-bend 12 discs, Yz timed, rejetted to Clark specs, throttle stop cut, lid removed, Topar Racing top clamp, Tag Metals T2 bars, Scotts damper, Devol disc guard and frame guards, lights removed, Cr routed Fastline brakeline, Acerbis Rally pro hand guards fastened to the top clamp, Gel grips Live in Southwest Ohio

I use the thumper 1.5" risers also and Scotts's has a bracket to mount the stabilizer under the bars and between the risers.

check out the photo in the Yamaha section:

YZ 400 1993-2000 (Bolt-on - Bar Risers)

I'm also thinking of getting it.

Better get it today Kerry. You'll love having it for the Enduro on Sunday.


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