Colordao River - Laughlin/Bullhead City area, suggestions where to ride?

I'm heading out to the river this coming weekend to check on the boat and I'm taking my bike. There seems to be lots or area to ride but I'm curious if there are any restrictions or recommendations where to ride.





Just west of Laughlin up in the canyon is where the Best in the Desert and MRAN races are held. You'll find lots of riding just off the highway.


I was in Laughlin last weekend, On the way in I was on that last strech of road off the 40 and some nutcase on a 426 was behind me. Full MX gear on top, normal pants and combat boots on his lower half. Riding down the road at 90 MPH! He kept looking back for his buddy (I guess) and the wind would catch his helmet and snap his head around it was fun to watch. Back on subject. It looks like there is plenty of good riding out there, just off the road.

Where are you going to keep your bike? I would like to take mine next time I go.

Later! Oh I hope you do better on the tables than I did.

I have a storage unit where I keep my boat and I plan to keep it there. Thanks for the information!! Wish me luck on the table....

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