Bill in NC

Bill my work E-mail cant find your address so I will cut & paste it here. you can send me an E-mail at

How's it going? Greg C. here. I don't think I am going to make the Friday night party at Budds Creek. My riding buddy that will be going up with has to go to school on Saturday, so we were thinking on going up early Sunday morning it is about 3 hours from us. I am thinking seriously about the moab trip. I am more inclined to rent a bike than ship mine out. I am a little nervous about my new bike being bounced around in shipping, I have seen what some of the boxes look like after they have been shipped. I have a buddy that just moved to Co. in May he rides a 426 so I am going to give him a call.

What do think about the WR250F, it sounds nice but I think I like the power of the 400.

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