Pipe testing

Don't you guys think that Dirt Bike/Rider etc, should do a 400/26cc pipe test which includes the sound & power rating, especially as buying a pipe these days seems to be a gamble (never as quiet as claimed). All us enduro, trail & dualsport riders get the short end of the stick when trying to bolt on a bit more POWER...

Ben, You are right on the money! That pipe test didnt offer me any information at all, if you look at the dyno results none of them are exceptional, Yes I do understand that track results are different. At least they could have posted DB's on these pipes. In order for me to spends hundreds on a new pipe I need to be convinced that it's worth it, so far im not convinced!! It seems as though Yamaha has produced a nice stock unit not your typical 10lbs piece of metal. Dan

Right On Ben / Dan! What is up with that? Why couldn't they include a comment on the noise level. I know the 426 is a motocrosser for closed course competition only .... yada, yada, yada,..... but I also know there are a few of us out here that consider noise levels when looking at pipes.

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Yes Ben Yes, they missed our big concern about any pipe. Somebody needs to give a good comparison of sound and power. Whoever can make a good balance will win my money.

James Dean

I road a poker-run last Saturday. For water-cooled 4-stroke they had a maximum db reading of 98. I run a Powercore IV SA with the Hi-Flo Head-pipe and the db reading on my 2000 WR400f was between 100 - 102 db's. They let me ride anyway!

I have a 2000 WR.

I'm lucky enough to have a track at home to ride. It's quite near the village so noise IS a consideration. The stock Euro silencer is also a big consideration! DOMA, FMF, WB silencers are anything but (silencers) and for trail riding they're irresponsible.

For a silencer that fits well, looks good, performs very well and sounds acceptable give Edmondson Racing a call. I think their pipe is better priced than some others too. Incidentally, I run the air box lid on, snorkel out and the bike can holeshot in Expert class MX races so no prob with power.

I don't wan to sound irresponsable of anything but we have no db. testing over here in New Zealand and in my mind a loud pipe is a safe pipe.

It lets people know you arecoming.. but there is such thing as a obnoixious sound level.

I'm just dissapointed that recreational riding has come to a point where you have to be quiet to the surrounding trees..

Show me a test in which trees are damaged by sound/noise.

Saying all this my W/Bros bike with 10 disks IS quieter than the stock YZ400 pipe..



**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

Rubber Chicken Racing

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