Moab - Bike Set-Up

I know this is extremely premature....

How 'bout some recommendations for things like tires & jetting? Any out of the ordinary spare parts that I might want to bring? Say multiple brake & clutch levers based on the Colorado Crews recent postings :)

Or should I save myself the trouble and just bring my wife's XR250R as a back-up?



This is what's going w/ me:

I have already installed a real skid plate and frame guards-no big deal on those,

new tires and heavy duty tubes w/ slime,

radiator guards,

extra grips, levers, clutch perch,

extra tubes,

vitamins I normally take, motrin,

fresh oil change w/ filter,

new air-filter already oiled,

thoroughly road tested before going,

Moab jetted (I need help here),

tampons and midol if someone gets cranky :) , and anything else everyone can recommend.



99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.


I already have installed or carry most of the items you suggested - okay, except the Midol & Tampax.

I've got a 13T countershaft sprocket that will be on the bike - the 14T will be in the tool box.

I'm probably going to bring a set of fresh tires & maybe even a spare set of bars & a a chain. Maybe I'm wrong but I have a feeling that these items would cost a bit more in Moab if needed :)

Of course I expect Bryan to offer jetting suggestions....


Last time I ran in Moab, I ran the YZ timing with a 48 pilot, DVR needle at position #4, and a 178 main. The bike ran great. I'm now experimenting again with a DVP. I'm guessing a DVP at clip #4 and a 178 main with a 48 pilot would work great too. I might even try a 180 main next time.

WR timing, I used to run a 168 main, stock DTM needle in clip position #3, and a 45 pilot. Now that I know much more about jetting (thanks Clark and James), I think a 172 main would be fine and I'll bet a #4 clip too.

I'm not sure about Tampons. Maxi pads might work best.

Heavy duty skid plate and hand guards are a must. I don't usually carry extra levers because I have the aluminum hand guards. Doug needs extra levers because he isn't running hand guards since he's having trouble finding some that fit his YZ tank.

Radiator guards are nice if you lay down the bike much (as we all do out there).

I usually start the weekend, 3 days of riding, with fresh rubber and pretty much toast it over the weekend. I use M78's because they are cheap (45 bucks mail order) and hook up nice in any type of terrain and do OK on the road. The terrain consists of sand dunes to miles of slick rock (hard rock) and everything in between.

This brings up a point about steet legal bikes. I need to get back to everyone on that. I run with Colorado plates just fine. If your bike isn't plated, we can get it to most trails if we have to. But sometimes we have to do small road stretches. I'll try and find out the Utah laws on that one. Note: Often we can hide the plateless bikes between plated bikes while on short stretches of road. But it is very convenient to be able to ride through town with out worrying about it.

There is a small motorcycle shop in town. Fred has the basics, tires, tubes, hand guards etc. They aren't really that much more expensive than a typical retail store.


I'm running the stock YZ tank. Think I'll need to upgrade to a larger tank? (based on previous posts it sounds like the IMS or Clarke tank is the way to go but open to suggestions).

What about weather that time of year? Enduro jacket needed?

Yee hi!



2000 WR

Yes, you will need a bigger tank than the stock YZ tank. My 3.3 IMS tank is enough to get me back. Most of our rides average around 50 to 70 miles and I'd say 80% of that in in 1st to 3rd gears.

Here is what I usually take with me on these Moab trips.

- All riding clothes that you have. Having extra shirts, shorts and socks is nice when it is hot.

- Enduro jacket

- Rain gear

- All protective gear obviously (extra gloves are good if it rains on you. I even bring my old pair of boots for spares)

- Pre oiled spare air filter

- Chain Wax

- Air filter cleaner and oil

- Extra radiator fluid

- Grease

- Lubz-all

- Engine oil (enough for a change) and extra oil filter

- Spare tubes

- Extra tire (especially if your current one in pretty used or you plan on riding more than 4 days)

- Spare bars (I bring my stock bars)

- Extra grips

- Extra levers (especially if you don't have hand guards. I don't. I bring three sets and used them all last time :) Even gave one away to a stranger who needed one.)

- Socket sets

- Bike stand

- Spare chain (I use the original as a spare)

- Camelback a must! (or other dring system)

- Fanny tool Pack

- Extra jets

- Extra Plugs

- Anything else spare you may think of

It may seem like overkill, but believe me, I've used it all out there. Hell, me and Mike used to bring out his old XR600 as a backup bike just in case.

Like Bryan said, Fred carries a lot of stuff like gear and guards and tires. But don't expect any bike parts for Yamaha's (he does carry our spark plugs). Fred probably will do basic mntc on Yamaha's like tire changing, fork seal cleaning, etc. He will not do any deep mntc on these bikes as he absolutely loathes WR400s. He is a Honda guy and can fix you up real good if you have one. There are plenty of welders out there if you need one. My buddy did over Memorial weekend when his subframe broke loose. It was welded at 9:30pm on Friday.

As far as jetting goes in October, I have YZ timing and I ran a stock YZ needle at 4th clip, 48 pilot, and a 175 main. Fuel screw at 1 3/4 out.

I think Moab in Oct. averages 75 to 80 degrees. It is not normally a heavy percipitation month. But always be prepared.

Usually we are packed to the gills, three guys, three bikes and everyones stuff makes for tight quarters. But it is worth it.

Whew, that is a mouth full.

Oh yeah, here is a little advice from someone who has changed out many brake levers lately. Get extra of the clip and washer on the bottom of the lever. They are easily lost in the sand and that clip tends to bend out of shape when taking it off. If in a pinch, duct tape will hold it on :D


Dougie, '99 WR400

Mods: YZ timing, Race Tech Suspension, FMF PC IV, FMF Hi FLo Moto, YZ seat, IMS 3.3 tank, One Industries Graphics, Renthal bars, 14/52 gearing.

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Do you think I can sneak all this stuff through the X-Ray machine at the airport (like the spray cans)?

Thanks Doug.

Additional notes: Most of use have tanks that can only go about 70+ miles. I wouldn't get a tank with more range than that. If you do, you might only use the extra volume to share gas with those less prepared :)

The temp in October can vary. It can be 80 degrees, or it can be snowing. Even both over a weekend. Be prepared for both. Usually it's pretty nice that time of year though.

Funny what Doug said about Fred but true. He has parts. But he's red (Honda) thru and thru. He looks at our big blue bikes in discuss.


I think it is very improtant for each group to bring maps and a compass. Then while we are riding, stay up on our position. You don't want to be stuck out in the desert at night! 80 degree days turn quickly into 40 degree nights.

Trails Illustrated has several good maps. Ask for the Mountain Biking maps - those are all really M/C trails :)


Also very important - Bring a Good Attitude! We won't be racing or roosting. It will be great fun, but let's stay mellow.


I almost forgot...

You might also consider a comfy seat. Long days for those stock WR saddles.



Bring a new seat or a fat ass! Both will give you sufficient cushion. :) No girlfriend jokes please!

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