'06 YZ 450F coolant consumption

A friend of mine is looking to move from his '04 YZ 250F to an '08 YZ 450F and the local dealer let him borrow a used '06 YZ 450F for the weekend so he can see whether or not he would like a 450.

Long story short, now that he gotten used to the bike he loves it and cant wait for his '08 450 to arrive, but I have a question.

Ive noticed that the bike seems to use coolant. He ran 4 motos today and after 2 motos the bike would be about 1 cup of coolant low.

The bike doesnt smoke and I didnt see any leaks, so Im kinda wondering where the coolant is going.

The temps were in the 80s today, so its possible the bike was running kind of hot and pushing coolant out of the over flow and its also possible that it has a very slight headgaket leak and its little such a little amount of coolant that there isnt enough white smoke for it to be noticable.

So, were these bikes known for using coolant?

Did you check the coolant level before the first 2 motos,being it is a borrowed bike,it could have been low to start with.Coolant could have not been topped off properly(a top end might have been done at the dealer who knows.)To answer your question,no the YZ'S do not have any issues with coolant leaks or in perfections with the head.For that matter I have been in 95+ temps very humid, without with no coolant lost whatsoever.

The specified level is "full", meaning to the neck of the radiator. Coolant, however, expands when heated, and since it can't be compressed, the excess escapes. This is normal. If you leave it at the level you find it at once it cools back down, you will usually see that it will stay there. They have no reputation for using coolant.

OK. My friend knows that I frequent dirtbike forums, so he asked me if Id heard whether or not it was normal for it to use coolant, so Id figure Id see whats up.

I told him that I thought it was merely pushing coolant out of the overflow as he was riding and that with what little he was needing to add and the fact that the bike ran so sweet and didnt smoke that I didnt think there was anything wrong with it.

You know how it is though, when its a loaner bike you get worried with the slightest little oddity.

Good to hear these bikes are just as bulletproof as I expect a Yamaha to be.

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