starter jet

I just pulled the stock starter jet in order to take off the octopus properly.Question is for Clark,the starter jet i pulled out was an 82,but i thought it should have been a 60.I put a 65 jet in.Will this be too lean?

Assuming you are working on a 98-99 WR the #65 in conjunction with the #100 air start jet should work just fine. According to my reference material bikes out side the USA come stock with a #62 Start jet 1. Could you be misreading the jet e.g. interpreting the 82 vs a 62?


Know this is an old post, but while removing my octopus today, I was going to replace the starter jet 1 and mine read 82 as well. I have a '98 WR as well. No real reason to post this but just verifying that either they're stamping the jets incorrectly or installing different from stock.

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