Moab...For the YZ and DRS guys too...???

I would never turn my back on any motorcyclist, well maybe some of the Harley guys because of the way they look down their noses at my crotch-rocket (as I completely blow by them). But has there been any mention of our Moab trip to the other sections of our "Forum"?

Hey the more,the merrier. Unless of course someone feels the need to call in the local police department or national guard because of the "Evil (Dr. Evil?) Bikers from Hell.

I'm hoping that the event is open to Honda riders as well - I might have a hard time getting permission from the wife if I have to tell her that she & her XR250R aren't invited :)




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How would you and your wife feel about her being the only woman with god only knows how many men?

My wife Alisa would LOVE it, and well frankly, I would have a problem with that. Everytime she would drop her bike, there would be a mad dash to help her pick it up. I say let her pick up her own damn bike!! I have never seen a pack of women rushing to my aid...YET!! :)

My wife says "if it makes you happy" Thats the way the wife should be right? :) I guess we all know who really wears the pants and after this trip I will be a slave for months but I am sure it is worth it.



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I meant to respond to this a while back....

I know what you mean about the wife liking all the attention.... I'd be more worried about a bunch of dirty, smelly, lonely motorcyclists - oh wait a minute, that describes me :)

I don't know about you but my wife rides much better when there are others around. When it's just the two of us she wusses out on stuff that I know she can ride. There's lots to be said for peer pressure.

Unfortunately or fortunately, Anja won't be joining us in Moab. She gave me permission to go all by myself.


A group of guys invited me to go riding with them here in NH. Their wives ride also and are part of this group. I think that is fantastic. I had my wife psyched 9 years ago when I first met her to ride with me. Heck, I even had her watching my Gary Bailey riding tapes. I bought her a Shoei look alike helmet. I don't think she has ever worn it. I was looking at an XR200 for her but she gets real intimidated because I have been riding and racing for so long. She thinks I'll get pissed and leave her in the dust. Absolutely untrue. She insists on not having a bike now. I am seriously considering just buying her one. I know she would LOVE riding. She enjoyed my jet ski and enjoyed her SOLO ride on my Yamaha 650 Seca. I wish she would look forward to time off for time to ride as I do. Maybe it is time to pressure her a little. If she could ride, I would take her to Moab in an instant, of course with the guys approval.

Maybe a quad...If it got her out with me, that's all I can ask for.

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Brian (long beach)

I'd be careful about extending an invite to your wife. I'm sure she is a good rider but I would want you too know what these trails are like.

My wife rides and is very good in her own right. She has been needling me to take her to Moab for years. The problem is, I haven't found a trail that didn't have at least two or three really nasty parts on it. They all seem to have long ugly rock sections too. I keep telling her she wouldn't enjoy it. I mean I consider myself a damn good trail rider. And I changed out two broken brake levers last time. One guy broke his subframe off. Another's rear fender broke loose and a buddy has serioulsy injured himself the last two times out there.

I am told the White Rim Trail is a good one. But you have to trailer out and it is very easy but long, something like 100 miles. It does have great views though. The group probably wouldn't be riding this trail. The stuff we will ride is very challenging and sometimes even dangerous.

I'm not discouraging you from bringing her. But I would double think about letting her ride.

I am not a chauvinist. I can't be, my wife wouldn't stand for it. I just want you too know what it would be like out there.


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Hey guys,

My wife will be there getting some pool time in. If they can put up with the constant motorcycle/ego chat from their husbands, there are plenty of fun things to do. Holly enjoys hikes in Arches National Park or jogging some of the most scenic roads in America. If you are into the historic nature of Moab, they have a cool self-guided car tour of some petroglyphs (sp?) Moab is the place that made the Kokapelli (he's the little indian guy who's bent-over playing the flute) famous. There is also a very nice pool at the Condo where you will probably find her.

Doug makes a good point about trail difficulty. I think we can expect to have riders from all different riding levels, so we should provide trail selection with this in mind. As we lay out the routes we'll just have to designate them Green, Blue or Black. Bryan even mentioned taking guys (whoops and girls) for a quick spin on Flat Pass to check out their capabilities. We kind of decided against it just because that would put more liability and obligation on us. The best thing we can do is just be very honest about what we are going to face. Most runs are 80% easy 2-track roads with high bank turns - 3rd and 4ht gear stuff. 10% is solid rock with velcro-like traction (danger-keep the rubber side down). Then the remaining 10% is very challenging with rarely a way around. If you have a weaker rider in your group, plan on having a more technical member help with the tough spots. If it doesn't look ridable, hop off and walk it or ask someone else to help then catch up as we get going again. Bryan, Anojs and I got stuck helping these guys from Idaho one day. We just took turns riding their worthless 125 smokers and KLXs up the tough stuff then carrying them down the hard stuff. (No one except Eric can ride widow-maker rock - and he didn't know any better).


Okay Jake, now you're making me nervous...

Anja (my wife) may or may not come - it depends on what's happening with our move from Long Beach to Santa Rosa (LA to San Fran) & her employement prospects. If she does join me she'll probably want to hang out by the pool etc. The majority of the riding IS over her head - hell, it may be over my head the way you're describing things. I expect to the slow man in the group based on what I've read on this site.

All said and done - I'm going to meet a bunch of new people, get to ride a new area & have a blast doing it.

see you there,


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