Fantastic place to ride in Nor Cal

mike we can meet at fouts springs there is a flat aera just past the boys camp[thats for bad boys]on the left from there we will go up letts ridge to the high ridding and a 50to 60 mile loop.


I've never been there so pick a spot and I'll be there! :)

mike do you know the way to stoneyfrod and the way back to davis flats[fouts springs]? road m10 .

monty wilson


I sure don't :) .

Mike i'll send you dict. for meeting place poss bill&kathy on I-5 when we get every one lined up thats going send your e-mail add. for dict. to

Monty, Name a place and we will meet up with you there. It may be a good idea to pick a good landmark before heading into the park. We can all meet at that central location and follow in from there. You name it and John and I will be there, pick a time to. From Sacramento it took us about 2.5 hours.


ok i'll call mike brooks and give him some bill&kathy truck stop on I-5 i'll meet him there.You guys coming on I-5 from sacto.? we can all meet at that truck stop say 7;20 am it opens at 7;30 am we can eat or just meet.I live in vacaville so it;s about 2 hour run for me also.


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