Start Jet Clarification

I am preparing to remove my octopus on my '98 WR this week. Have read all the posts and printed out Clark's instructions to put under my pillow at night for osmosis purposes. Wanted to make sure that I am clear on this step:

Clark's instructions suggest to replace the #60 or #62 stock WR start jet with the #65 start jet. I was looking in my owner's service manual and it states that the '98 WR came stock with a #65 start jet. Is this a step that I can skip now or am I missing something?


My '99 came stock with a 62 start jet. Now whether you are immune to this required change, I don't know.

The start jet only comes into play when using the choke. If you primarily ride below 2000' the 65 should be fine. If you primarily ride above 2000' then the 60 would be a better choice. I have run both the 65 and the 60 and since the majority of my riding is above 2000' I'v setteled on the 60. Remember it only affects the richness of the choke circuit.


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