How fast is the WR 400?

I'm gonna to buy a streer legal supermotard WR 400, but how fast is it (stock)? With motard rims, pro taper handelbars , YZ cam timing , YZ rearfender, YZ tank/seat, Factory Effex graphics, White Power E-series exhaust system it will be a killer bike for wheelis and stoopis!!

I've said this befoer and I'll say it again. It's fast enought to put a smile on my face you couldn't slap off.........Sorry!

But from what I understand it is right around 90 in stock WR trim.



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips.

My WR400 with YZ timing, White Bros pipe, 15/46 gearing with do 100mph on my GPS down the freeway. That is with knobbies, other tires may be faster or slower. I think the weight of the tire has a lot to do with top speed & acceleration.

My WR will run right with the new XR650R Honda(derestricted). I have raced 4 of them. If they are running stock gearing I can beat them(barely). Two of the local XR650R's have changed to taller gearing & now I can stay with them thru the gears, but they can pull away from me at top speed.

I also ride with a friend with an ATK605. I can beat him by a little.

A WR400 with YZ timing & a pipe should be making about 45-48 horsepower. That is a little more than most motocross 250s and less than the CR/KX 500s.


It's so fast that, you have to go back to pick up the Yamaha sticker off the ground.


2000 WR400F

Roy and Robin,

What main jet are you using? 100mph!!!

With the stock muffler, I had 45 pilot, clip position at 4 with canadian needle (dxm) and a 168 jet. I got a SPEEDO of 100mph with that setting.

Now I have a megamax and the setup is 48 pilot, clip at the same place and 175 main which is too rich from first observation. I have 6 disk with the quiet core on my megamax II. Tomorrow I'm going to put a 172 main and maybe raise the clip by one clip.

The best I'v gotten out of my 99 WR is 92MPH with 14/47 gearing on dirt. On the street with 15/47 just pushed a 100 but both of these runs are really screaming it and the bike is pegged. You cannot run at those speeds long with this gearing.


15/48 is good for 98 on pavement and 87 on a dirt road. I run WR timing and a 175 main with the clip on the needle dropped one. I am in Phoenix at 1000ft. We were amazed to find the 10% discreptancy from dirt to pavement. My brother made me a milkshake bet that my bike would not run 98 on the pavement after only mustering 87 on the dirt. The GPS indicated 98 and I got my shake. I feel that with a 15/46 the WR could run 85-90 all day long. By the way My WR runs through the gears very near a 2000 Husaberg 600. Giving up only a little on the launch due to the low end grunt of the 600. A stock KTM Racing 400 runs about like a WR with the plug in the end of the pipe.

Mine is a canadian 99 model. With everything stock except air box lid removed, gearing 16/45 and cirrac michelin tire (75% road) I got 95 mph with a wide goretex jacket and 100 pmh with a tight leather jacket and I could have run a little bit faster by waiting a minutes. Top speed was achieved in a short period, not waiting a minutes to get the top speed.

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