07yamaha chaingrinds frame

i just noticed that i have some frame grind-age too does not look like a lot of wear but its defiantly noticeable

how would you go about properly checking the alignment? Ive noticed wear on my frame and my swingarm also.

To check if your axle block adjusters are accurate(according to the experts), measure the distance from the swingarm bolt(centre) to the axle bolt(centre) (or even the top of the adjuster bolt) on each side.

You can also do a check(a method I came up with, but appears to be accurate enough on the '06 Yammy). by measuring from the rim to the swingarm, if your rims are'nt buckled! Hold a ruler(or something straight) vertically on the inside of the swingarm, then use a tape measure or whatever to measure the distance from the outer edge of the rim. It should be around 56-57mm each side. My axle block adjusters are accurate.

While we are on the subject of axle adjusters, a really good idea is to put anti-seize on your adjuster bolts to prevent them seizing inside the swingarm. One application lasts for ages.

front and back sproket allined and i took 2 chain links out but still grinding the frame im thinking new chain glide or are the bushing messed up??

If you took two links out, your chain is long since shot, and so are your sprockets. Replace the set.

Its time to replace. I replaced mine before I even rode it. Your chain has way to much side to side movement and thats whats causing it to hit. Nothing wrong with any thing else. Replace the chain and sprokets. Your problem will go away.

Here is some more info with pics,


Mine has stopped rubbing since I went to the thinner non O or X ring chain. Not sure if the chain width was the problem or the specified slack, (could have been a little of both). I think that the chain slack specification is correct, however, it seems to be a tad on the loose side and promotes a little more side to side slap while riding than any of my other bikes.

several tips on how to avoid this period:thumbsup:

1- ditch stock junk before riding for either a DID ERT2 (my preference) or the preferred "GreyRacer approved" 0ring/xring chain - width is a factor here

2- dump the stock axleblocks as they do not sync up to each other for chain adjustment (ex. 3 on one side and 3 on otherside is not aligned)- any other brand will. I use GYTR and my chain is always straight as an arrow

3- proper chain tension is key....anything too loose will hit the frame when leaving jumps etc.... my method is the 3finger method...approx 2.0 - 2.2 inches

and always replace worn chain with new chain and NEW Sprockets :thumbsup:

I don't know what you guys are talking about when it comes to the stock chain. My 07 wr450 came with a DID 520VM chain. Pretty nice if you ask me.

I don't know what you guys are talking about when it comes to the stock chain. My 07 wr450 came with a DID 520VM chain. Pretty nice if you ask me.

we are talking about YZ's not WR's they come with two different chains..

When I got my '06, I took the stocker off after the cursory ride up and down the street in front of my house and replaced it with a Regina ORN6. That chain is still on it, and has only been adjusted once.

I gave the stock chain away to one of the local moto-munchkins for his YZ250F. I told him it was crap, but he wanted it. It was toast in about 2 months, along with his rear sprocket. It was a DID, alright. See if you can look up the specs on a DMA2.

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