Frame Protection?

what do you guys use to protect your frame? i dont really want to buy thoes expensive alluminum frame guards. i notices mitch's super motard bike had some king of white stuff on the frame. whats that? it looks like some kind of vinel(don't know how to spell) where can i get some of this? does it actually work?


I used to use Acerbis plastic frame guards. The plastic wore through where my boots were rubbing against them. I now use the (expensive) works connection aluminum frame guards. I am quite happy with them.


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I too have the Works Connection frame guards and my frame looks great. Spend the money. Good investment.

I use genuine Yamaha alloy ones (got them from Yamaha dealer)

Now being a E Line dealer I may try some carbon-fibre ones! :)



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I have white brothers frame guards, but for above the frame guards and the engine case I use clear vinyl. The stuff that I use (and sell, only in Australia, sorry.) is really good stuff, and won't fall off, even water blaster resistant. I actually put it on all my plastics as well, and 12 months from now you would think my bike is only 4 weeks old, no **** you should try it sometime. I was told about it by a sign writter friend who has been doing it for years, and he claims that the re-sale value is excellent.


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Hey Rodney where do you suggest picking up some of that vinyl stuff here in the good ol us of a?

My bike had carbon fiber frame guards on when I bought it. :) Love em!


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I tried using some ski saver I had laying around. It worked for about six rides before it started peeling up. After that, I bought the Maier frame guards which have held up well for over 3 months of riding close to every weekend.

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