Glasses vs goggles

It is dang hot here in N. Cal! Goggles are killing me....can anyone suggest a pair of glasses that give good protection and vent well? Has anyone heard of glasses that have foam?

Yes. go to a safety wear shop. Safety glasses will provide pretty good protection and you can get them with foam! look up the uvex range.

I wear safety glasses in the rain sometimes.

I got these and some clears from the Yammie shop I used to work for. Any street bike shop should have something similar. Be warned, they fog like it's cool if you are hot.




One of our club member came of .It was raining and we wear saftey glasses so they don't fog up ( USED TO ).When we found him he was still on the ground holding his head near his eye.He could not comunicate to well , just kept on putting his hand to his eye and slurring his words.We were deep in the bush and our radios would not reach very far so we had to communicate in a radio chain from ridge to ridge.Luckly the bloke at the end could just get phone coverage to contact emergency services.If not for a fast arriving helecopter , 1 hour.He would not be here,they had to revive him a couple of times on the way to hospital.He will more than likely not be able to ride again , work ?. PLEASE WEAR PROPER SAFTEY GEAR NO MATER THE WEATHER>

You can buy goggles that are made specifically for hot weather. Scott's No Sweat are one example that comes to mind.

Glasses are not a good idea because you will get all kind of dust and dirt in your eyes.

As mentioned be above, glasses allow too much dust under them.

Thanks Guys.....I should always put safety first. It is funny I would even ask the question. Last Friday I hit a twig sticking out of a tree that cut my face! Goes to show you that common sense shouls always prevail!

forgot the main part.They found something in his brain witch was believed ( but not 100% ) a piece of twig or branch.Was found behind the eye and must have sneaked past the saftey glass and penertrated the eye socket around the outside of the eye ball without damaging the eye.Talk about a bad day.

I have Oakley and changed the lense to the ones with vents in them. Works much better.

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