update on my WR

So Scrambler,

You going with us to Moab, or what?

Yeah Scram,

You going or what? I'll bring some extra Yamaha stickers to dress up that new bike of yours! :)

HA! HA! HA! very funny. I think the Yamaha stickers might clash a bit with the rest of the bike. On the other hand, they probably wouldn't clash any worse than my blue and white riding gear that I'll be wearing. I've never been much for fashion anyways. What the hell, bring em' along. I might not be the fastest guy there, but I'll bet I get more looks than anyone else. Looks of confusion anyway.

I hope to see you there, but I haven't made any plans yet. It's to far off for me to make any definate committments at this time. To be honest, I really didn't think there was any chance I would get to go since it is so far away, but my wife is encouraging me to go. I think she just upped my life insurance or maybe it has something to do with the new guy at work who has been keeping her working late at night. That couldn't be. Right? Right?



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Scrambler, trust your wife's instincts. For our wives to put up with are hobbies, it proves we chose the right one's. Hate to admit it, but my wife is my support group. She really encourages me to ride, and it's not because of the new boss guy at the office. She is the boss at the office. (of course not at home, "I wish") I think our wives realize that this sport keeps us young at heart, young in all aspects of our lives. I truely appreciate the fact that my wife does not give me sh#%^$t about my riding, golfing, soccer, any of the sports I play, all this and 3 kids. I of course make sure that she and the kids are included as much as possible. Definately a happy medium. At any rate, no matter what bike you have, go for trip. for some of us, probably the one and only time to ever go and what a better way then a group of guys with a lot of the same things in common. By the way I have a lot of green colors from my Kawasaki days. Who cares about the color. I do have some new blue stickers for you as well.


I posted an add on this forum to sell my 98 wr400. Just letting you know I already sold it. One of my riding buddies bought it today for $3,800. I may have sold my WR but at least I turned a friend on to them. We are going to ride tomorrow. It should be an interesting ride, since we will both be getting use to new bikes.


Speaking of colors, is neon still in? I quit riding when neon was just fading. Unfortunately, my new neon clothing wasn't. I'll feel like Rudolph and guide you guys home to safety, only if someone tells me how to get home...


I'm not really worried about my wife. I was just trying to make light of things. She doesn't work much overtime any more anyhow. She is very supportive of my hobby and I really appreciate it.

She isn't always supportive of my posts on this forum though. She read the one that you referred to and said I made her sound like a flousy. I told her it was all in fun! She said we'll see what kind of responce you get. OOPS!



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