New 2000 WR400

I recently bought a new bike and wanted to know all the modifications that I need to do to enhance performance. I am not a mechanic and understand only some of what other users have done to their bikes. The shop where I bought the bike from took out a pin which I belive was the throttle stop. The bike is currently sluggish when I increase the throttle to high from the idle postion and performance is low at hight rpm's in any gear. Thanks for you advise!


Chillydogg / Georgia


Is your new bike a Honda? :)

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I've read posts on this site that indicated that removing the entire throttle stop can cause the bike to malfunction at top end. Something to do with the throttle position sensor I bet. I'd dig throught the site a little more.

Yea .. I read that too Bryan. If there is no throttle stop, the TPS confuses the magic box or summat

I think I read on here somewhere that the YZ426 throttle stop is the exact length you if youre struggling, just get hold of one of those.

( check it out first though incase I'm talking out of my aris )




'00 WR

I appreciate the replies! I still am having trouble trying to figure out what exactly the throttle stop looks like. Like I said earlier, they shop where I bought the bike took out a bolt (for better words) that is thread for about 1/8 of it and has lock tite around the threads. I am not sure if this is the throttle block or not. I have had my bike apart twice trying to figure out if and where this piece goes. Any info is appreciated.

The throttle stop is mounted under the black cover on the right side of the carb, at least for my '99. You can see, as the linkage rotates, it should contact a pin that screws into the carb body. You want to be sure the carb is empty of fuel prior to rotating the throttle otherwise you will flood out the carb. I cut too much off my throttle stop. My bike revs out to ~7000-7500 rpm. There are instructions to make a new one. Check the posting from 5/23/2000, 7:08pm. YOU CANNOT PURCHASE A (99) YZ THROTTLE STOP FROM YAMAHA. The part is unavailable.


99 WR, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and seat, jetting by Clark.


On the 2000WR the throttle stop is a hex head screw that will measure 24mm with the head AFTER it has been shortened 9mm (from original 33mm). The screw points upward and the head can be seen by looking between the shock compression adjuster and the frame at the carb next to the black cover. If it is not there, look for the hole that it went in.

James Dean


Make the shop where you bought the bike fix the problem if possible.

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