Celebrity siting today!

I just got home from riding all day at the Elsinore MX track and guess who was riding there today? Yep, McGrath himself. I was taking a break watching some of my friends ride when a guy rides onto the track on a yz250 with stock graphics. He had MC No Fear gear with the big number 1 and his name on the back of his jersey, also had an MC replica Bell, and Spy goggles. I thought to myself "what a poser, he's going for the total MC look". Plus he rode the first lap at the same speed as everyone else on the track. I guess he was just checking out which way the track went because as he came around to start the second lap he got on the gas and was just flying. Cool to see that even though he doesn't have to race again until January that he still likes to go out and play ride, and seeing as he goes out on a busy Sunday to ride with all his fans rather than a quiet weekday is super cool.


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