Wiring the WR for Street? Heywood~!

Heywood et all, what type of connectors do you recommend using for the connections? I am in the process of making my own harness so anything you could pass on would be much appreciated. I am going to receive a turnsignal switch from Baja D shortly. What type of connector will I need to tie into the unit?

I heard for a turn signal flasher one should consider a digital unit. Uses less amperage I guess? Any thoughts on that? Do you have a picture of your harness or a wiring diagram that you can share?

I have decided that I will retain the AC system for the headlights and brakes and run just the horn and signals from a DC Source. ( Small POwerSonic Gell Cell that fits smartly in the airbox) Total loss system of course, but the battery tender will take care of recharging.

Hi Fershy:

If you get the turn signal switch that comes with the kit, they use a square white molex connector (not sealed, readily available, cheap). I think it's 12 pins. I am away from my bike, so I don't have the details right now, but can post them later. I used one of these in my headlight assembly, mainly because I had one laying around.l

I have looked at a number of connectors. I prefer a sealed connector, the problem is most of them are huge and / or have limited pin counts.

I used a Switchcraft "EN3 Mini Weathertight Connector" on my rear fender, but am not all that happy with it. They are a little hard to work with and only come in a max of six pins (for the cable to cable type).

You can get them from a number of distributor- www.digikey.com / www.mouser.com / www.alliedelec.com These guys also carry the Molex connectors Baja uses.

A couple others I was looking at were ITT "Sure Seal" types (they are large) PH (800) 523-0727

Waytek, Inc. Molded Connectors (these are large too) www.waytekwire.com.

I have a picture of my headlight assembly and rear fender I can post after work (shows the connectors).

Hope this was of some help.


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