CR 400F?

Is honda producing a four-stroke? I hear that they are testing a new bike, Honda CR 400!! Is this true? If it is I wanna see it!!

PS. The 2001 RM's are hot!! Does enybody know the what's new on the YZ 250 (I'm riding a YZ 250 '2000 and i wonder "Is the 2001 better then the 2000?

(sorry for the bad english, I'm from Norway, but I'm trying as hard as I can!!)


There are two YZ250's for 2001. The 2 stroke and 4 stroke! YZ250F that is legal in the 125 class. I would NEVER ride the 125 class though.


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I have heard the Honda will be a 500. They will race a proto next year with production in 2002......

I hope the rumors are true!

Honda had a test session for the new four stroke scheduled for today at Southwick but cancelled it yesterday (I guess because word leaked out and spread)


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