Cannondale DNF first moto at Southwick, 6/11

The Cannondale DNF'd the first moto at Southwick. I believe Johnson was mid pack at best. I had a real hard time seeing the track due to all the people. My 5 year old son, Adam, had to leave as the first moto ended.

I recommend to not bring your 5 year old to a pro motocross. It will shorten your day. It did for me. It was 85F and real humid, before it started raining. The rain quit but my son was done by then.

The announcer said over the PA, that Dougie Henry is considering retiring from retirement. He was there today as well as Jo Jo Keller. Does that name ring a bell (for you old timers like me)?

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The Cannondale also started, but did not finish, the second moto. No reason was announced that I heard. The bike sounded great, but was not terribly fast(riders fault?).Also the bike seemed to be pogo'ing over bumps, suspension not sorted? all the four strokes were fast, the 520 KTM holeshot the second moto easy, but the riders they get for the four strokes are second tier guys. hard to blame the bikes when the riders are not up to speed. halfway through both motos, all the four stroke guys appeared to be just cruising to the footnote....if they show it on the replay....the left turn after the finish the second 250 moto...Reynard was absolutely pinning it on the outside line(almost the only one to use outside line), and had the crowd screaming each time...very impressive.


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Jo Jo Keller...Yah I remember him...Gainsville, Fl...5-7 years ago...Heres this BIG guy walking around the place, shirt hanging out. My friend points at him and says that guy races with the pros! I couldn't beleive it. Sure enough it was true.

Man I miss going to Florida for bike week.


Unless I am mistaken, we just had bike week up here in Loudan, NH. I have been on vaca all last week. I did not listen to the radio at all and missed the whole thing. Although we don't have the Florida sun and sand, a lot of the amenities are up here too. No mx though, just street bikes.


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Bike week is this week. Races at Loudon are this coming weekend.

I am on swings this week and am driving down to Buds Creek, Maryland Friday night to meet Bill, his boys and watch one of my favorite tracks and some pro mx.

I guess I won't see bike week this year either.

JoJo Keller - Moto Assassin, I remember!

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