WR400F vs WR250F Seat Height

As much as my 9 year son enjoys watching me perform slow-motion fallovers, the thought of an easier to maneuver bike (my benchmark is my old IT250) is attractive. From what I can tell, my 2000WR has a 38.5" seat height and weighs in at 240 dry, but the Yamaha site does not yet post official dimensions for the WR250F (although the YZ250F lists a height of 39.3 inches, equal to that of the WR426F, w/a rumored weight of 215lbs).

Has anybody heard anything about the WR250F? Or, should I look to swap the tank and seat on my 400, as somebody in the group had said they thought the bike felt shorter? My riding is 1st-3rd gear stuff in Eastern PA (coal country and woods) with my 9yr old son on his PW80 in tow.... Not a big problem, as I find the bike more controllable the more I ride it, and I would never want something sedate like an XT350 (had one several years ago, easy to ride but otherwise a piece of junk). In fact, I find the low-end grunt of the WR400 to be lacking. Would my 400 get "lighter" w/YZ timing and a better pipe? Thoughts?????


2000 WR400F, 2000 Polaris 400 Scrambler

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