Calling the Taffster!


will Your jetting work on a 426? with WR timing? and is there no risk of going "too" lean and fry ones valves with Your jetting?

Stupid questions maybe - but hey, I´m a stupid guy :)

///Fredrik, soon 33years old - and it is freakin snowing outside!

if it's lean, it'll let you know.

just think of jetting as waving your hand above and back and forward along a row of 5 flames.

the bike is a mass market machine that will run in a fairly rich state anywhere in the world. so your hand runs well away from the 5 flames.

all you have to do is take the jetting down as low as is safe. if you get it wrong you'll know, it'll misbehave. it will tell you. =lower your hand nearer to the flame.



thanks Taffy. Just bought the bike, more or less spanking new (12-15h) and I will drive it stock for starters. But that gives me time to buy the jets, needles and stuff to do the jetting later in the season - will post here on how it works out.

///Fred - today it is not snowing, it is raining!

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