2007 yz450 spring rate question.

Need help in regards to the spring rates I need for the 07.

In past I have used Factory Connection and let them respring and revalve the suspension for my 225lb stature and not really worry about it much other then oil changes. However since I am not racing anymore and after riding this bike (switching over from Honda) I am very impressed with the out of the box suspension. I think that in playing with oil and spring rates I should be happy with the susension alone and not worry about sending it off. Which brings me to my issue off spring rates:

By the way I am a Vet B rider @ 225lbs.

Race Tech spring calculator recommends F- .48 & R- 5.8

MX-Tech spring calculator recommends F- .49 & R- 5.5

The front is close enough but the rear is quit different. I am not sure which rear to go with??

Any help would be appreciated and sorry for being long winded.

Sorry typo on the MX-Tech listing...

The rear rate is listed at 5.6 and not 5.5 (which is stock)

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