Moab - shipping & tire selection

Bryan & Freezer....

Freezer, you out of the hospital yet? I certainly hope so. Bryan mentioned that you were going to check a shipping company that you had used before to get your bike to Denver...any progress?

Dougie & other Moab frequenters...

What would you recommend for tire selection? I know it's very rocky & the slickrock holds like epoxy (good & bad...can't spin the rear climbing steep hills)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



To be honest, I really don't think it is going to matter. It will get chewed up anyway. I would go with a tire that is has a hard terrain rating.

Last time I needed a new tire before we went so I put on a cheap IRC. It lasted the weekend.

If you have a pretty new tire, you will probably make it. If you have a worn tire, bring a new one with you. Fred sells tires but they are expensive.


Dougie, '99 WR400

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Wouldn't the hard terrain tire have a shorter life in the rocks?

Hard terrain = soft compound


Doug’s got it. Everything from a Dunlap 755 to a Pirelli MT21 will do fine. If you run a soft terrain tire, you may get the best hook-up in the sand and decent ware. We run through a rear every 200 miles (2-3 days) or so out there. Usually, Saturday night is spent cussing over a new tire.


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